电子游戏平台 University's Graduate Attributes

电子游戏平台 University's Graduate Attributes

电子游戏平台 University is committed to preparing its graduates for a world of increasing complexity, innovation, and change. Accordingly, developing and demonstrating the following Graduate Attributes is central to the educational spectrum at 电子游戏平台, including the general education curriculum, major programs of study, and co-curricular experiences.

Lions Are Leaders: In their careers. In their communities. In their lives.

电子游戏平台 adopted the Graduate Attributes in the fall of 2021 and is currently transitioning from the previous Institutional Learning Outcomes:

Adaptable Problem Solvers

电子游戏平台 University students will:

  • Show preparation to address and solve the issues of today and tomorrow
  • Adapt to a changing world through creative and innovative thinking
  • Adaptable Problem Solver Rubric

Lifelong Learners​

电子游戏平台 University students will:​

  • Self-reflect and engage in activities for self-improvement​
  • Independently seek professional opportunities for career advancement​
  • Lifelong Learning Rubric

Effective Communicators​

电子游戏平台 University students will:​

  • Engage in meaningful discourse in order to persuade audiences​
  • Foster understanding and respect​
  • Communicate fluently in multiple media​
  • Effective Communicators Rubric

Analytical Thinkers​

电子游戏平台 University students will:​

Responsible Citizens​

电子游戏平台 University students will:​

  • Take responsibility for their actions​
  • Understand their roles in the community​
  • Engage in their communities by working collaboratively in order to promote the welfare of others​
  • Responsible Citizen Rubric

Ethical Decision Makers​

电子游戏平台 University students will:​

  • Consider the well-being of others, relevant precedents, and their moral convictions when making decisions about the ethical questions of our changing world​
  • Ethical Decision Making Rubric

Global Advocates​

电子游戏平台 University students will:​

  • Seek to understand the perspectives of diverse populations​
  • Consider the global impact of their decisions​
  • Appreciate diverse perspectives ​
  • Demonstrate compassion and understanding of individual and cultural differences​
  • Global Advocate Rubric

The Proposal to Adopt 电子游戏平台 Graduate Attributes includes a timeline for developing an assessment plan for the new attributes. The proposed Three-Year Roadmap for General Education and Graduate Attribute Assessment can be found online at the General Education & Graduate Attribute Assessment page.

Graduate Attributes: Timeline and FAQs