Jim Trenary Esports Arena Ribbon Cutting

Jim Trenary Esports Arena Ribbon Cutting

Jim Trenary Esports Arena Ribbon Cutting

Enhancing the 电子游戏平台 University student experience, a ribbon cutting was held Tuesday, September 27 to officially open the Jim Trenary Esports Arena. Located in the Spellmann Center in the heart of 电子游戏平台’s campus, the space is home to the University’s Esports team.

Joined by the Trenary family, Mayor Dan Borgmeyer, members of the Board of Trustees, and the University’s eSports team, 电子游戏平台 President Dr. John Porter shared remarks to celebrate the occasion.

“For more than 25 years, the name Jim Trenary has been a mark of success, supported by a focus on positive customer experiences, top-notch service, and a commitment to innovation,” Porter said. “Today, it is my great honor to recognize Mr. Jim Trenary, and celebrate the official opening of the Jim Trenary Esports Arena, here at 电子游戏平台 University.”

In addition to competition, the space is also utilized for research being conducted by graduate students and faculty members at the University. The University also established the Esports Performance and Innovation Center, which enriches learning and education about health promotion and performance optimization through Esports research.

Thanks to the Trenary family’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to the local community, 电子游戏平台 is proud to honor Jim Trenary in this impactful way.

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