Information Technology

Virtual Computer Labs

Virtual Computer Labs

电子游戏平台 IT announces a new way for students to access 电子游戏平台 University software and applications from anywhere and on any device.

电子游戏平台 Virtual Computer Labs is a new offering that allows access to many of the applications that are available in on-campus student computer labs.

电子游戏平台 Virtual Computer Labs can be accessed at the following URL:

Students can login with the same credentials they use for Canvas/Office365.

After logging in, students will be presented with two Virtual Labs. The first lab machine is for graphics intensive applications such as ArcGIS or Blender. The second lab machine is for general use applications. Please choose the appropriate lab machine for your needs.

GPU VM Student VM
ArcGIS Pro Microsoft Office Suite w/ Visio and Project
Blender Eclipse
MudBox GreenFoot
Unreal Engine Wolfram Mathematica 12
3DS Max Visual Studio 2019
VectorWorks Tableau Reader
Sculptris Logicola

* Additional applications will be evaluated and added on an ongoing basis. To request additional applications, please submit a helpdesk request to .

For more information please refer to the Knowledge Base articles linked below.